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Managers and directors of small, medium and large commercial distribution. Supervisors of franchising selling points. Security selling points operators. Employees of commercial distribution (storehouse, logistics, administrative personnel, operators in contact with the public). Managers of shopping centres, outlets.
The course aims at teaching tools in order to transmit a high competence for the management of security issues in companies and single selling point. Training will cover all aspects of security, starting from the public area (with exposition of goods), till storehouses, external areas, offices and their equipment, personnel and consumers. Particular attention is dedicated to goods and to problems linked to them: inventory differences and the shoplifting. The course also analyzes juridical and legal aspects linked to these matters: respect of privacy laws (in case of video surveillance in companies), protection of personnel and consumers. Particular attention is also dedicated to behavioral approach in case of critical events inside shopping areas (shoplifting and robbery).
I MODULE (One Day)
– Problems related to security in selling points. Different approaches to these problems in relation of different employee (from managers to person responsible of security matters) (two hours)
– Surveillance and control of selling points. General problems linked to different selling points, goods, storehouse structures and ways of transportation (two hours)
– Basic notions of civil and criminal law (one hour)
– Security matters related to structural, logistic, distribution and organizational aspects of different structures. Inventory differences and the shoplifting phenomenon. Possible solutions offered by the criminological prevention. Procedures and technical solutions: detail analysis depending on different structural and organizational structures (two hours)
– Exercises and simulations (one hour)
– Prevention of inventory differences: organizational apsetcs, procedures, control (one hour)
– The shoplifting. Definition and prevention (one hour)
– Laws in case of video-surveillance, privacy and identification; particular attention for laws in case of internal control (on employees) and external control (on consumers). Legal aspects are linked to possible technological solutions and to possible procedures and techniques (two hours)
– Management of critical situations in selling points without a specific and organized security plan. Particular attention is dedicated to psychological and behavioral aspects. Basic notion of conflict resolution and problem solving (two hours)
– Valorization of own personal competences and of own knowledge for managing critical situations, with particular attention to prevention activities and to legal risks of non-correct approach to problems (one hour)
– Exercise and simulation (one hour)
The course entirely develops in class. Frontal lessons and concrete exercises will be duly balanced.
At the beginning of each lesson students will receive printed slides. During lessons, websites and useful links will be communicated to students and this material will be used for the development of different simulation exercises.
The course will last 16 hours.
Maximum number of students: 15/20.