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Project Managers, Area Managers and Assistants, Project Designers, Entrepreneurs, Professionals and Researchers interested or involved in the elaboration of project proposals, for the participation to European, national or local call for proposals.


The course aims at giving to participants basic knowledge about the following aspects: fundamental phases of Project Management; most important contractual rules in compliance with European and International standards; monitoring and programming tools useful for management of projects in an efficient and effect manner, both for the administrative and financial supervision, with a special focus on financial rules and reporting.


I MODULE: Start-up Phase, Programming and Contacts (One Day)
– The Project Management and the Start-up Phases (one hour)
– Programming and Review of the activities (one hour)
– Financial planning (two hours)
– Case studies
– Planning of Monitoring System (one hour)
– Contractual Obligation (two hours)
– Examples of Practical Tools
– Integrations and Changes to the Contract (one hour)

II MODULE: Operational and Financial Management (One Day)                                                                   
– Procurement Procedures (two hours)
– Case studies and practical activity
– Management and Control Systems (one hour)
– Verification of the expenses (one hour)
– Obligations in term of technical reporting (two hours)
– Analysis of Tools
– Understanding the Eligible Costs (one hour)
– Communication and Dissemination of project results (one hour)


The course is actually provided on line. Considering the need not only to provide knowledge and information to the participants, but also to involve them in practical activities and to support them through Q&A sessions, it is provided through on line platforms and tools requiring the simultaneous attendance of the participants. Deferred and non-synchronous classes may be organised if appropriate.


At the beginning of each module, the participants will receive in electronic format the slides that will be used. During classes, websites and useful links will be indicated to the attendees, and will be used for the development of different practical exercises.


The course will last 16 hours.


Minimum number of participants: 5.
Maximum number of participants: 15.

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