In January 29, 2019

On January 24th 2019 at “L. Baldini” multipurpose hall in Vaiano (Prato, Italy), Silvia Ciotti PhD, Director and criminologist at EuroCrime, participated in a public meeting dedicated to inform and prevent frauds and threats against elderly people. The initiative had been organized by  Piero Quaglia Foundation and AUSER Elders’ Center La Sartoria ONLUS. The meeting had been moderated by Dr. Filippo Balistreri and further speakers had been Primo Bosi (Mayor of Vaiano), Marco Gualtieri (Piero Quaglia Foundation), Sandra Ottanelli (AUSER Elders’ Center La Sartoria), Marshal Bruno Mencarelli (Command of Carabinieri, Vaiano), Andrea Cambi (AUSER Prato), Giancarlo Targioni (SPI CGIL Prato), Lorenzo Lapi (CISL ANTEAS). The meeting saw the participation of over 70 citizens. After a first initiative held on September 25th 2018 at the “Quinto Martini” Recreational Center in Prato, the event in Vaiano is the second of a series organized by Piero Quaglia Foundation and including the participation of EuroCrime.