EuroShield is a specialized section of EuroCrime dedicated to the consulting services and training activities regarding European funds, at a National and European level. The members of the EuroShield team offer their knowledge, professional skills and relevant experience as evaluators for various EU programmes for a wide range of training and consulting activities.

EuroShield’s mission and philosophy is to fill the gap currently existing in Italy concerning the low capitalization of funding opportunities offered by the European Union, spreading updated information and offers consulting for the predisposition of the key phases requested for the correct application path. The aim is to help and to support business and public institutions to access the EU fundings.

For this reason, EuroShield focuses its activities on two specific services.

  • Support and Consulting services – for the assistance in choosing proper grants and in building the project’s idea. EuroShield gives its support in following the correct procedures and informing the client about particular tools and methods to adopt.
  • Training and Formation services – for the organization of specialized courses about European funding mechanisms. Depending on specific needs of clients, EuroShield provides focused Training Courses and Workshops on particular aspects or phases of European funding procedures that it’s requested to deepen.

The team rely on the EuroCrime research experiences, activities and international partnerships and cooperation to improve and to implement EuroShield’s competences and international professional links.