First advocacy webinar within the EU project ENCLAVE: “Children and family, new legal scenarios: what questions, what challenges?”

In September 28, 2022

On September 15 at 18.00 the webinar “Minors and family, new legal scenarios: what questions, what challenges?” had been organized by Psicologia in Tribunale (Psychology in Court) with the participation of Silvia Ciotti PhD of EuroCrime. In Italy the great novelty of this year in the legal field was the entry into force of the Civil Process Reform, known as the Cartabia Reform. In order to facilitate the sector professionals to start being familiar with the new regulations, Psicologia in Tribunale has proposed a webinar where the most significant issues introduced by the Reform in the field of Forensic Interviews and Family Law were addressed. Participants: Giuseppe Spada, lawyer and President of the Council of Marsala Bar Association, Fiorella D’Arpino, lawyer and President of the National Observatory on Family Law (ONDIF) of Rome, Luciano Garofano, Former Commander of the Department of Scientific Investigations (RIS) of Parma, Silvia Ciotti, Director of EuroCrime, criminologist and former honorary judge of the Court of Florence. The meeting had been moderated by Maria Cristina Passanante, co-creator of the project, Lucia Elsa Maffei, lawyer and President of the ONDIF of Matera and Carmen Muraro, legal psychologist, both members of the Scientific Technical Committee of Psicologia in Tribunale.

The speech of Silvia Ciotti PhD was held as part of the advocacy meetings planned in Italy by the EU project “ENCLAVE – Enhancing the capacity of legal & justice professionals on forensic interview procedures for children victims and witnesses of violence “. The aim of the intervention of the Director of EuroCrime was to promote the policy recommendations developed by the ENCLAVE project on cases of child sexual abuse, both as regards prevention aspects and the development of an integrated system for the protection of the child.

For those who are interested and could not follow the meeting live, the registration of the webinar is available at the following link: