Final Conference Event of the MARGIN Project in Budapest (Hungary) – A Great Success!

In April 19, 2017

Final Conference Event of the MARGIN Project in Budapest (Hungary) – A Great Success!

The final Conference of the MargIn project, organized by OKRI Hungarian project partner, took place at the Mercure Hotel Buda in Budapest from the 3rd to the 5th April 2017 and it was very successful in terms of participation of very high level speakers:

György Vókó (Director of Hungarian Institute of Criminology – OKRI)

László Korinek (Hungarian Academy of Sciences)

Krzysztof Krajewski (Jagiellonian University)

Klaus Sessar (Universität Hamburg)

Sveva Avveduto (Institute for Research on Population and Social Policies Italian Council of Research)

Stojanka Mirceva (Faculty of Security, Skopje, Republic of Macedonia)

Sanja Copic (Victimology Society of Serbia)

Carla Napolano (European Forum Urban Security)

Gorazd Mesko, Urska Pirnat and Andrej Kastrin (University of Maribor, Slovenia)

Marnix Eysink Smeets (Inholland University of Applied Sciences)

Jonathan Jackson (London School of Economics)

Laura Vozmediano (Universidad del País Vasco)

Vassiliki Artinopoulou (Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences)

Theo Gavrielides (IARS International Institute)

Veronika Hofinger (Institut für Rechts und Kriminalsoziologie)

Annemieke Wolthuis (European Forum for Restorative Justice)

Marcelo Aebi (University of Lausanne)

Thomas Feltes (Universität Bochum)

Marta Isach Barrionuevo (Municipality of Barcelona)

Luísa Proença (Ministry of Justice of Portugal

Alex Murray (West Midlands Police, UK)

Lola Vallès (Instituto de Seguridad Pública de Catalunya)

Karen Bozicovich (Organization of American State)

Montse Aguilera (Dept. of Interior of Catalonia)

Giuseppe Campesi (University of Bari IT)

Inês S. Guedes (School of Criminolofy of the University of Porto)

Valeria Verdolini (University of Milano Bicocca)

Nuria Balada (Catalan Institute for Women)

Marta Murrià Sangenís (Institute of Regional and Metropolitan Studies of Barcelona)

Mark Bangs (UK Office for National Statistics)

Valentina Vasile (Institute of National Economy)

Martin Innes (University of Cardiff)

Reka Solymosi (University of Manchester)

David Buil Gil and Angelo Moretti (University of Manchester)

Carla S. Cardoso (School of Criminolofy of the University of Porto)

Tamar Pitch (University of Perugia)

Kristina Seidelsohn (Freie Universität Berlin)

Sebastian Roché (CNRS University of Grenoble Alpes)

Theodora Ziamou (Enlexis, France)

Guido Nobili (Security Policies and Local Police Office, Emilia Romagna Region)

Mathieu Zagrodzki (Centre of Sociological Studies on Law and Penal Instutitons)

Georgios Kolliarakis (Frankfurt University)

Antonio Bartolomé (University of Barcelona

As project partners, speakers were the following:

Silvia Ciotti (EuroCrime)

Francesc Guillen (Dept. of Interior of Catalonia)

Cyril Rizk (Observatoire national de la délinquance et des réponses pénales

Spencer Chainey (University College London)

Enzo Mingione and Sonia Stefanizzi (University of Milano Bicocca)

Tünde Barabás (National Institute of Criminology)

Riccardo Valente (University of Barcelona)


The Conference allowed connections and exchanges between MargIn and other EU funded projects, encouraging networking and establishing cooperation among the participants.

The project’s approach and scientific methodology have been considered by the participants of high quality and very promising. This aspect is fundamental to exploit project’s results in the future and to stimulate further research in the field of security and its perception among European citizens.