European Call for Tender in the field of Civil Protection Operations

In July 3, 2018

Contract notice: European Disaster Response Exercises (EDREX II), Plug-in Field Exercises, Host Nation Support Table Top Exercises

Reference number: ECHO/A2/SER/2018/16

The Contracting Authority is the Directorate-General for European Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations (ECHO) and the Tender covers the Design and Management of 3 types of exercises in the frame of the Union Civil Protection Mechanism.

Lot No 1. European Disaster Response Exercises (EDREX II)

The overall objective of the contract is to test the combined crisis response capabilities of the ERCC and its interlocutors at national, European and international levels within the area of the UCPM’s responsibility and to enhance the coordination of civil protection assistance interventions and UCPM deployments to emergencies by ensuring improved procedures, communication, guidelines and agreements between the UCPM and local civil protection entities, international organisations or countries inside and outside the EU.

Lot No 2. Plug-in Field Exercises

Plug-in exercises to provide module, response teams or EUCPT from Participating States to plug-in with large-scale exercises in far-away regions in a structured and coordinated way.

Lot no 3. Host Nation Support Table Top Exercises

Design, plan, conduct and self-evaluate 3 HNS TTX.


Time limit for receipt of tenders or requests to participate for the 3 lots:



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