EuroCrime Training Courses accredited to Fondoprofessioni Institution

In February 14, 2017

Logo_Fondo70% - 2017EuroCrime Training Courses accredited to Fondoprofessioni Institution

From 1st April 2015 some of the training courses offered by EuroCrime are accredited to Fondoprofessioni Institution.

Fondoprofessioni is the Interprofessional Training National Fund for the continuous training for employees of professional corporations and companies and it is recognized by the Italian Ministry of Labour pursuant to the Decree n. 408/03 of 29th December 2003.

Every year Fondoprofessioni makes available funding to his associates for the development of company, intercompany or individual training plans.

On the 6th February 2017 the updated version of EuroCrime Training Offer was accredited again to Fondoprofessioni. This gives the possibility to the company or professional corporation that participates to the Notice n. 02/16 to be refunded for the participation to our recognized training courses, for the whole period of validity of the Notice.

“The notice n. 02/16 of Fondoprofessioni gives financial contribution for the participation to training courses inserted in the Training Catalogue, for a total amount of 1.000.000,00 euro. Every professional office/company can participate to more than one training course that is inserted in the Catalogue, obtaining a financial contribution of 70% of the total cost of each course (except VAT), for a maximum total contribution of 1.200,00 euro each.